ARCOPLATE – 'Made In Australia' Wear Plate

What Does This Mean?

The sole criterion for making a ‘Made in Australia’ claim is that the goods must have undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia.

ASl is a manufacturer of premium quality wear products providing excellent value and cost-effective wear solutions, whilst ensuring safety in design. We are proud to announce that our wear-resistant fused alloy steel plate Arcoplate is Made in Australia using only the best quality materials.

Our onsite laboratory tests and field monitoring have proven that Arcoplate outperforms Q&T plate by a factor greater than 8 times and up to double the life of the conventional welded plate.

So there is a big reason why you should buy Made in Australia products whenever you can and not only for the quality and safety, but because it’s good for our economy and supporting Australian jobs. The company that produces Australian product can employ more Australians and this is what ASI is all about, supplying and manufacturing only the best for Australian’s by Australian’s.

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