Better reliability and peace of mind for the customer!

The discharge end of a Wet Scrubber is a place where moisture and abrasives create disastrous environments for machine components. Some parts of the Discharge Chutes can literally be eaten out by the slurry-like product being transferred. Alloy Steel International received two excessively damaged chutes (large through holes in frames on the hotspots). Both chutes were thoroughly inspected before and after disassembly for wear patterns. Based on findings, high precision DEM modelling was used to simulate material flow and potential wear level at most wear-loaded areas of the chute.

New optimal layout of liners was designed to address real working conditions of the equipment: installed Arcoplate liners’ thickness varies from 6/7 to 31/15 depending on the level of material flow within the chute; bolt-on diverters were added to address uneven material flow during chutes operation. Newly repaired, NDT tested, assembled and painted to client’s specs chutes were supplied onsite as per agreed delivery terms. The new improved design will deliver better reliability level to the Wet Scrubbers. Better reliability and peace of mind for the customer!



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