CASE STUDY - Push Cat Sole Plate Mod

CURRENT SITUATION: “clip-on” type sole plates were used on the bottom of our Caterpillar 854K push-cat blades which can result in premature failures.

IMPROVEMENT DESCRIPTION: Welded on Arcoplate (guaranteed to last +5000hrs) reducing both downtime and exposure of tradesmen to hot work in awkward positions

OUTCOMES: Arcoplate 16/11 was fitted to the Cat 854K. the product life was exceptional with 9000hrs being achieved. This alone reduced the need for a boilermaker to re-weld on the keeper plates (overhead welding and awkward position because of blade height) which resulted in increased uptime for the equipment and an increase in overall safety for the maintenance team. The Arcoplate 16/11 costs were almost a third of the cost of the “clip-on” type. The modification was completed in only 3 shifts. This procedure will take considerably less time to replace the next service because the set up for the Arcoplate is already in place. If the previous “clip-on” type sole plates stayed on they would average about 1000hrs before a set would have to be changed. The overall saving, I time alone is 9:1 ratio and the cost reduction in the order of $20k per annum/per machine. This would also be a great cost/time saving for anyone currently using this arrangement.

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