Coal Chain Feeder Deck Case Study

Previous 20mm thick 400HB liners had a service life of 3 years maximum. Replacing the entire wear deck is a costly maintenance requirement for both production downtime and material supply. Alloy Steel International was quick to recommended Arcoplate 10/9 as a first-class long term upgrade. Arcoplate 10/9 1600 grade was installed in early 2010 and inspections in 2015 suggest we are on target to achieve 10+ years’ service. This is a massive saving to operating and maintenance costs for the end-user. To optimize maintenance windows, in 2015 Arcoplate 6/7 was supplied and fitted to the side skirts replacing out all quenched and tempered wear liners in high wear areas on the feeder. The steel flight bars and chains remain unaffected with this material change as it generates considerably lower frictional forces across the smooth Arcoplate surface; which is understood to be beneficial to both the chain and the flight bars. The total cost of ownership for this installation and service life was viewed as very valuable.

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