Roseires Dam Sluice Way Refurbishment

Refurbishment of the sluiceways and installation of additional isolating gates made of Arcoplate in Sudan.

The height of Roseires Dam in Sudan had been increased by 10 metres to provide an increase in total storage capacity and, to increase hydro generation by up to 50 percent. Due to a considerable increase in capacity there have been serious issues within the sluice floor.

Roseires Dam Sluice Way Refurbishment

Severe cavitation and abrasion within the sluice floor

The following four types of products were selected to identify the best material to prevent abrasion, cavitation, and corrosion on the sluice floor;

  1. Arcoplate 1600
  2. Austenitic Stainless Steel – Grade 304
  3. Eutectic CDP Clad Plate
  4. Silica Fume Concrete

After a 12 month in-service trial, it was proven that Arcoplate was the only product that has not been affected by any cavitation and highly abrasive monsoon floodwaters running through the sluice. Extensive laboratory tests also indicate that corrosion will not be of any significance throughout the service life of the Arcoplate. 

From the year 2009 to 2011, all 5 sluiceways were lined with Arcoplate 1600 16on15. Annual thickness testing clearly indicates that the Arcoplate will achieve well in excess of the nominated 10 years’ service life. Up to the year 2018, all 5 sluices performed extremely well.

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