Scrubber Feed Rock Box

Temporary repair of rock box to ensure further operation until upcoming shut down.

Other vendors’ metallic liners were used during operation however they were unable to withstand the impact of the process material, causing premature damage to liners and consequently blowouts in the Rock Box.  Consequently, the rock box had to be temporarily repaired to ensure further operation until the upcoming shutdown.

Used wear liner package Used wear liner package

Arcoplate 1600T wear liner package was installed. The high tungsten content, thickness and minimal clearances between liners were carefully tailored to meet specific requirements of the application.

New wear liner package New wear liner package New wear liner package

Arcoplate outlasted previous liner packages, increasing annual throughput by 30%. Due to Arcoplate’s exceptional longevity, no blowouts were found at the end of the service life of the rock box, downtime was therefore eliminated.

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