With over 30 years of experience, Alloy Steel International (ASI) is a vertically integrated Australian owned and operated company. We are a manufacturer of premium products and services providing excellent value and cost-effective wear solutions, whilst ensuring safety in design. ASI is stage 2 ISO Quality accredited for Health and Safety, Environmental and Risk Management.

Alloy Steel International’s 9,000 square meter state of the art Steel Mill and Manufacturing Facility in MALAGA WA combines both the milling of Chromium Carbide Wear Plate and the fabrication of field-ready applications.

ASI will design and fabricate applications to meet your specifications and requirements. ASI also refurbish, enhance, and improve existing applications. Infrastructure can be sandblasted, NDT, surface treated, relined, and transported to and from the site.

No job is too big or small for ASI. All scope of works are carried out to the highest quality and Australian safety standards. This reliability is achieved by a highly experienced and trained team of tradesmen and professionals across a wide range of required disciplines.

ASI can deliver the quickest turnaround times for the fabrication of items, as we manufacture in-house 24/7 to suit. ASI fabrications include liners, TLO rotables, flow expanders/enhancers, drop-in chutes, ROM bins, trommel screens, wear plates, and many other tailor-made fixed or mobile plant kits.

ASI has over 30 years’ experience in, on time in full, custom fabrication and machining of client’s various components and assemblies to meet their required budget. ASI will always endeavor to meet your delivery requirements.

ASl’s in-house engineering and fabrication services combined with repair and maintenance deliver new design options offering our customers the right solutions.


To be the global leader and provider of manufac­tured wear products and solutions to customers seeking high quality and reliable products. On-time every time.


Continuous improvement and delivering our customers with industry-leading quality products, service, and value-adding solutions.


We are an organisation that promotes safety, respect, learning, recognition for good work, and constructive conversations. We do not value negative attitudes or accept poor standards.


Our values

Alloy Steel International brings five values which are followed by our team of professionals serving our mission:

Service – We aim to provide the best service, not only to our customer partners but also to our fellow team members.

Teamwork – We can only achieve our objectives by working closely as a team. This applies to how we work together internally as a team, as well as with our customer partners.

Accountability – We believe in taking charge of the situation and being responsible for our actions.

Recognition – Recognising the needs of our customer partners and people.

Support – Supporting our customer partners and team members to achieve their goals.

We don’t just sell a wear plate. Rather, we deliver solutions. Our customers are our partners. Partners work things out, in the short term and for the long term. We have a team of people each playing a role in delivering our mission.

Responsive customer service, quick quoting and on-time delivery are just part of the service package which we must offer our customers. We don’t believe in complacency. Rather we constantly strive to enhance our competitive position through continuous improvement.

To go beyond fulfilling our client’s needs requires a team commitment. Our team members are informed of our customers’ demands and what must be done to be a successful supplier. We also encourage team involvement in customer-specific projects.

We offer same-day quotations.

Alloy Steel International understands the importance of fast turn around and ensures on-time delivery. 


We offer our customers complete traceability of all products.

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