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Ceramics are some of the hardest materials on the planet. Importantly, ceramics have less density than steel making them significantly lighter. These properties coupled with other operational benefits make ceramic the ideal material for use in many high wear environments.

In conjunction with our strategic ceramic partners, Alloy Steel International (ASI) has developed a proprietary range of ceramic wear liner materials. ASI supplies a full suite of ceramic materials and shapes which enables us to meet the requirements of our customers in providing products that will maximise wear protection.

To provide continuity of supply ASI holds an extensive range of ceramic liners in stock. Together with our in-house state of the art ceramic cutting facilities, this ensures that all our client’s needs are met without delay. All our Arcotuff materials can be supplied as rubber and steel-backed or have direct bond ceramic allowing for quick and easy installation.

Chutes, Impact Plates, Reclaimers, Hoppers, Piping, Skirt Liners, Cyclones.

Stacker Feeder Chute. Ceramic AL92%, 63 mm with WAM system.

Arcotuff 92 is our general-purpose ceramic comprising of 92% Alumina, and is suitable for high abrasion and medium impact applications such as transfer chutes. Arcotuff 92 can also be supplied as rubber or steel-backed liners allowing for easy installation and removal. Arcotuff can be supplied as a direct bond application.

Lump Bin Hopper. Ceramic AL95%, 37 mm

Arcotuff 95 is a 95% Alumina ceramic and is the next step up in abrasion wear protection when compared to Arcotuff 92. Ideally suited to very high abrasion and medium impact due to having a higher hardness when compared to a 92% ceramic product. Arcotuff 95 is supplied has a rubber and steel bonded wear liners. Arcotuff can also be supplied direct bond on request.  

Reclaimer Spill Plate. Ceramic ZTA, 37 mm with WAM system.

When you need to take radical action to help protect against high impact and extreme abrasion you need Arcotuff ZTA ceramic a combination of Alumina and Zirconium blended to offer up to 3 times the life of 92% ceramic material. The Arcotuff ZTA is perfectly suited in deflectors and impact plates.  

Reclaimer Spill Plate. Ceramic ZTA, 37 mm with WAM system.

Silicon carbide (SiC), an important structural ceramic material, has been employed in industries for a long period. It can be successfully applied in practice as tribo-elements. In some cases, SiC ceramics are used in environments where lubricants cannot available.

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an extremely hard engineering ceramic. It behaves similarly to diamond due to its many excellent properties such as low density, high melting point, high strength, high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high hardness (> 2000 HV), high stiffness, excellent chemical resistance, good electrical conductivity and remarkable wear resistance for highly abrasive environments.

Compared with other ceramics such as oxides, SiC ceramics show lower density and higher hardness, which makes it suitable for application in severe environments and rotating moving parts. Compared with other non-oxide ceramics, SiC reveals better oxidation and creep resistance at high temperatures up to 1350 °C, which is greatly suitable to be used in high-temperature application.