What is Arcoplate?

Arcoplate is more than a wear liner or a wear plate. Arcoplate is a total wear solution that saves time and money.

Arcoplate is a two-part total solution to wear and material hang-up issues – a proven leading wear product backed by the knowledge and expertise of an experienced design and engineering team.

The Arcoplate Product

Arcoplate-ProductArcoplate is the world’s most wear-resistant fused-alloy steel plate. The wear plate is proven to outlast traditional wear liner products by as much as six times.The smooth dense, chromium-carbide rich overlay layer makes Arcoplate the perfect choice!

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Arcoplate Services

Arcoplate-ServicesA good product relies on a superior product: an experienced team. It’s the Arcoplate Advantage! Arcoplate’s Metallurgical, Engineering and Design team is there to help you. With an extensive experience in wear management and wear design, the Arcoplate team can provide the right advice to your wear and material hang-up issues. It’s all part of being your partner in wear solutions.

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Arcoplate Customers

Arcoplate-CustomersArcoplate has been widely accepted in over 25 countries, and across a wide range of applications. Arcoplate is mainly used in mining and mineral processing. However, Arcoplate is also used in dredgers, cement works, power stations, even in sugar refineries.While we can’t reveal names, read the positive experiences from some of our customers in the case studies section.

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Arcoplate Product Range

Arcoplate-Product-RangeArcoplate is offered in different grades, thicknesses and finishes. There is an Arcoplate solution to suit your wear or hang-up needs.The team at Arcoplate understands that different wear factors call for different product options. Arcoplate is offered in different grades, thicknesses and finishes. With the almost endless combination of product options, there is an Arcoplate solution to suit your wear or hang-up needs.


Arcoplate Grades

Arcoplate is offered in two alloy grades, the most popular being the 1600 grade due to its high abrasion and high impact qualities. The 8668 grade is suitable for applications where high temperatures are experienced.

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Arcoplate Thicknesses

Arcoplate is offered in a range of thicknesses to meet various material handling applications. The range starts with the 6/7 (6mm alloy on 7mm base plate) for applications where liner weight reduction is important.

Whatever your needs, a thickness option to suit.

Surface Finishes

Material hang-up and carry-back are costly issues. Arcoplate is available in three finishes for different material flow requirements. Arcoplate’s standard, polish, and ultra finishes are the ideal solutions for all situations.

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