The Wear Liner with senses

Did you know that scheduled wear plates changeouts on bulk material handling machinery’s transfer points still doesn’t prevent failures between the shuts? Or perhaps you are the one who schedules maintenance work for conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, TLOs, and ship loaders and despites of spending significant business resources for the above still wish to know what’s happening inside your chutes, hoods, diverters, and spill faces beforehand, so proper corrective actions can be planned and taken in order to avoid catastrophic failure?.

But what if your wear plates will tell you how they currently feel and how much of a protective layer is left?

Alloy Steel International is a leading company in the manufacturing and supply of mining wear products is taking its Wear Liners to the next level and developing a Smart Wear Liner. Smart Wear Liners will be equipped with a compact well protected and powered for life microchip which monitors liner conditions and communicates the information through encrypted wireless data channels via web-based application right to your desktop or smartphone. Due to the compact size of the electronics hard face thickness of a liner is not compromised. Virtually any grade currently manufacturing by ASI liners (alloy, ceramics, cast…) can be equipped with the chip and be ‘smart’. The new generation of wireless gateways allows covering large metal intense mining production areas quickly and reliably.